No matter what anybody else tells you, if you are storing any items in a standard shipping container that is placed outside and exposed to the normal European elements, you are susceptible to condensation occurring inside the container, which will more often than not collect on the ceiling. What causes this? A standard shipping container is just a metal box which is quickly affected by ambient temperature changes. When the container is warm, the atmosphere inside the container can become humid. This humidity can materialise from a variety of sources such as water or moisture being trapped in the cargo.

From rust and mould, to damaged packing and odour; the effects of moisture damage are unpredictable – and costly. It is estimated that moisture damage directly affects up to 12% of all ruined cargo. However, it can be prevented. ABSOROPAK offers a range of products to protect your cargo from the effects of moisture damage. Minimise RISK and PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT with ABSORBOPAK. We provide products to meet your needs, we have moisture control for many different types of container and cargo. With AbsorGel, AbsorPole, AbsorBlanket and more we can eliminate the 12% of product you are losing during shipping. Long or short haul, our range of products will protect your cargo. With only 4 poles in a standard 20 foot shipping container, or 6 for a 40 foot container it is incredibly easy to remove the moisture from the cargo. These will need to be replaced periodically. Expiration varies depending on the type and condition of the goods/equipment you are storing, the weather conditions and the number of times you will open and shut the doors.

Watch this video on how easy it is to install the Absorpole

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