Moisture Damage

Did you know that approximately 10% of all containerised goods are discarded by moisture related damages? This is an incredibly large amount that goes to waste, not only causing large economic losses but also affecting our nature.

Container rain?

Container rain is caused by changes in temperature, which occur when vessels pass different climate zones. A container that is loaded in a tropical environment, for example in Hong Kong, where the air is warm and humid, and then shipped to, for example, Scandinavia, where temperatures are far cooler, will most likely suffer from cargo damage caused by container rain – if the container is not protected against moisture.

How do our products help?

Our desiccants are designed specifically to be used in containers, and we offer an extensive range of products that cover almost any kind of moisture control requirements. All of our products are adapted to the harsh treatment a container goes through; such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, rough handling, and long transport times. For quality assurance, we rigorously test all our products to ensure they can stand up to these adverse conditions.

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