Power Desiccants for Shipping Containers


Esorb offers long-term premium protection agains moisture During shipment, warehousing for sensitive goods such as machineries, steel, glass, automotive-parts and export-packaging.

 Our scope of delivery

  • esorb desiccant bags,
  • specially designed bags for customer  and application
  • desiccant bags made in different materials including Tyvek and NonWowen
  • esorb desiccant bags filled as German DIN or in gram(s)

 Function of desiccant:

Goods and free space inside packaging will be closed within a sealed moisture barrier and inside a desiccant bag. You should use a PE-film of 200 mµ, if protecting for more than 12 month please use an aluminium-plastic-film. In this way you prevent against moisture , mold and mildew. We say climate-packaging.

Desiccant bag contents water vapour absorbent, it is not water soluble, chemical inert, its montmorillonite. The absorption rate of desiccant reduces rel. humidity inside. There will be no corrosion inside.

Typical applications

  • Capital products
  • Textiles and leather
  • Wood and paper products
  • Plastics, glass and metals
  • Electronics and machinery
  • Automotive parts


Desiccants range in size from 1/6 unit to 32 units. Bags available from 1/6, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 units. You can choose between Type “A” dustless   and Type “B” dust free.

 Calculation for number of units:

How many bags or units you need you need depends on a number of factors including:

  • Volume of packaging
  • Percentage of rel. humitidy inside packing
  • Percent of water of hygroscopic material inside packing
  • kg’s of  this material
  • Time for protection,
  • Type (thickness) of PE-film.

Contact us today and we gladly calculate the number of units required to meet your requirements.

 Available Sizes

Overview of available product types: (also available humidity indicator cards)

Type Indication Type Bag per carton Dimension of the bag
MT-32  32 units (A) 18 150 x 300 mm
MT-16 16 units  (A) 35  150 x 210 mm
MT-8 8 units (A-B) 60 105 x 200 mm
MT-4 4 units (A-B) 120 88 x 150 mm
MT-2 2 units (A-B) 200 78 x 130 mm
MT-1 1 unit (A-B) 480 78 x   95 mm
MT-1/2 1/2 unit (A-B) 720 57 x   90 mm
MT-1/3 1/3 unit (A-B) 1280 57 x   80 mm
MT-1/6 1/6 unit (A-B) 1400 57 x   65 mm
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