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About AbsorboPak
We are a global leader in moisture protection
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At AbsorboPak we think it's unnecessary to expose your goods or equipment to moisture in storage or in transport. We are committed to solving this serious issue for our valuable clients with sustainable moisture protection solutions.


We are a global leader in moisture protection for over 20 years and we are represented in more than 50 countries. In our Swedish operation we have our own in-house development equipment, unique in the world and engineered to the highest standards. The production technologies ensure an excellent product quality and consistency. We use high purity materials which leads to high performance products with super absorption rates. Within our Research & Development facility, we have state-of-the-art testing facilities focusing on the next generation high-end, sustainable desiccants.


Our company is a Quality Focused organisation with key relevant targets including zero defects. We only use high purity materials which leads to high performance, sustainable products with super absorption rates. Our products are extensively used across many industries which demand very high and consistent quality includingPharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Aerospace and Military to name a few. We have a strong focus on the environment including initiatives to reduce the use of plastics within the product range.


AbsorboPak Ltd are the sole distributors in UK/Ireland for the Absortech International AB range of products. We are a global leader in moisture protection, represented in more than 50 countries. In our Swedish operation, we have our main production facility and also our Research & Development centre. We also have a manufacturing unit based in China.

Our Experience

Our company is established since 1999. We are a Solutions Provider with a strong management team with many years international experience in General Management, Operations, Quality, Research & Development, Supply Chain, Logistics and Purchasing.

We invest heavily in product development in order to ensure our customers always have the best solutions. One of the targets of our Research function also is to develop user-friendly designs to ensure our desiccants are easy to install and remove, without the use of a ladder, saving time, cost and reducing any possible H&S issues.

We offer a valuable service to our key customers which we call “Peace of Moisture Mind”. This is a step-by-step process to help find the root cause of excess moisture and designing the optimum solution to protect your goods and equipment from moisture during storage and transport.
In this process we have 5 major steps:


Finding the root cause and proposing corrective actions.


With hard fact dimensional checks we propose the right absorption capacity needed.


Based on field tests and using monitoring equipment, we validate the assessment.


With our worldwide network and product line, we apply the exact product to the problem.


Continuous improvement through education and the monitoring of desiccant performance.